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Spotify boasts more than 180 million active users every month, making it the number one music streaming app in the world. There is no denying that it has some good features but, to access the best of them, you need to pay, While the free version of the app is fine for occasional users, serious music lovers will need to fork over a monthly subscription to access the features that make it worth using.  We cant all justify paying out every month for music and thankfully we now don’t have to. Spotify++ has been released, modified to provide us with all the premium features of Spotify but without the price so read on for more features and how to download it.

Spotify++ Features :

Spotify++ is full of features including :

  • All the features of the free app
  • Compatibility with all iOS devices
  • Removal of the ads that support the free version
  • No download limits Spotify_ftos (1)
  • No limits on track skipping
  • As much track scrubbing as you want
  • Many more useful features and tools.

How to Download Spotify++ :

Because of the nature of Spotify++, you can forget about looking for it in the official app store. Instead, download FtOS external app installer and then you can download Spotify++. FtOS is one of the Cydia alternatives and it offers a good range of modified apps and tweaks so take a few minutes to explore it after you download Spotify++:

  1. Download FtOS onto your iPhone or iPad, following the linked guide
  2. Launch FtOS on your device by tapping the icon  ftos logo small
  3. Tap on Search and type Spotify++ into the box; tap Search again and wait
  4. Choose the correct result from the list , it must match your iOS device and firmware or directly click on this ( link )
  5. Wait for Spotify++ to be installed and then close FtOS
  6. Before you can use Spotify++ the app profile needs to be trusted so open your Settings app
  7. Tap on General and then go to Profiles and locate the World of Enterprise profile in the list
  8. Tap on it and then tap on Trust; close your Settings app and Spotify++ is ready for use.

You won’t find a better way of using Spotify and this is the only way to get the full user experience without having to pay for it every month. Do yourself a favor; download Spotify++ today and start enjoying all those premium features for free. Do tell us what you think of Spotify++ and follow us on Facebook t be first with the news and updates.

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