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Snapchat is one of the most popular of all social media apps but, far from being perfect, there are some features that are most definitely missing from it. That’s why Snapchat++ was developed, to bring us all those missing features, and more. Normally, you would have to jailbreak to get extra features like this but as there are so few utilities about these days, not many of us have that option.

snapchat plus

Snapchat++ can be downloaded without the need for a jailbreak, using another app called FTOS Installer.  Before we look at how to do that, here are some of the extra features you will get with Snapchat++:

Features of Snapchat++ :

  • The ability to increase record strength
  • The ability to spoof your location
  • The ability to customize your notification sounds and your Launch View
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Works on iOS 8 right up to iOS 12 and further
  • Lots more features besides

How to Install Snapchat++ :

Both FtiOS App Installer and Snapchat++ are perfectly safe to use as both have been put through rigorous tests to ensure they are bug-free and stable:

  1. Download FtiOS app using the guide at the linked article
  2. Open FtOS Installer on your iPhone or iPad. ftos small 120px
  3. Go to the Search option and type in Snapchat++
  4. When the results list loads, tap on Snapchat++ or directly open this ( link )
  5. Follow any onscreen instructions and wait while Snapchat++ is downloaded and installed to your iOS device configuration_profile
  6. Now open Settings on your device
  7. Tap on General> Profile and Device Management configuration_profile
  8. Find the Snapchat++ profile and tap on it
  9. Now tap on Trust and close Settings

You can now begin to use Snapchat+ with all its new features

Snapchat++ is perfectly safe to use but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, you should delete the official Snapchat app before you install Snapchat+ otherwise conflicts may occur. Second, if you don’t do this and you update the official app, Snapchat++ is likely to be removed from your device.  Lastly, should the official app developers determine that you are using the hacked version, we cannot take any responsibility for any action they may decide to take, such as suspending or even deleting your official account.

Given all that, if you do decide to give Snapchat++ a go, let us know what your thoughts are. Are the extra features worth it? For more updates and news, you can follow us on Facebook.

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