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Third-party app installers are fast becoming the norm, especially now that Cydia isn’t being updated as regularly as it used to be. A new app installer called FtOS is proving to be a point of interest because it has so many apps and games to choose from and, thanks to the developers, its all in categories such as modified apps, iOS store apps, iPhone utility and so on. It’s dead simple to use and you can find out more about FtOS and what it offers by visiting this page. Next, we’ll look at how FtOS works with all the security features on iOS 11:

ftos ios 11

FtOS on iOS 11:

Apple has stepped up the security features in the iOS in recent years and iOS 11 has more security features than any preceding version. Some of those features include:

  • Data Protection and Encryption – each device has a unique ID and dedicated AES-256 encryption that combines with secure enclave and File Data Protection to provide an encrypted and secure environment for all users.
  • System Security – an integration of hardware and software that provide a secure platform, including secure boot chain, Touch ID, passcode, regular software updates and secure enclave.
  • App Security – all apps must be signed by Apple to work and are sandboxed when run to protect the rest of the environment
  • Network Security – Apple has used industry-standard network protocols to protect data in transmission, including TLS, secure Bluetooth, secure Wi-Fi, VPN support and more
  • Device Management – features such as Find My iPhone/iPad and other features that allow remote management of data.

FtOS does not require the kind of access to the root of the iOS like Cydia did. Because it isn’t having to break through the security, it works in the same way as any other app, safely, securely and without threat to your Apple warranty if you have one.

How to Install FtOS on iOS 11 :

Installing FtOS on iOS 11 involves manually downloading and installing the FtOS configuration profile onto your iPhone or iPad. To do this, follow these steps in order:

  1. Unlock your iOS device and open Safari browser
  2. From the address bar , go to this ( link )ftos_profile1
  3. This will open an FtOS information page with a link to Install the configuration profile , tap this link and your Settings app will open
  4. You will see a link to Install Profile ;tap this and then type in your passcode  , Safari browser will open again passcode
  5. There is a link to Install FtOS , tap on it and then tap on Install on the popup message
  6. Wait for your Settings app to open again and then tap on Install ftos_profile
  7. Tap Next > Done and wait for the configuration profile to be installed and the FtOS icon to be put on your homepage

If that doesn’t happen then FtOS has not properly installed and you must do these steps again.

Popular FtOS Apps :

FtOS has lots to choose from and some apps have proved to be more popular than others. One of those is Snapchat++.

  • Snapchat++

snapchat plus

Snapchat++ is a version of the official app that has been given extra features. Included with Snapchat++, alongside the stock features, is the ability to spoof your location, make your recording strength much better and apply a few in-app customizations. There is lots more to Snapchat++ so visit this page for more information.

How to Delete FtOS App :

If you decide that you need to delete Snapchat++ from your device, for whatever reason, you will find it easy to do, quicker than installing FtOS in the first place. It won’t harm your device nor will it affect any other apps and your iOS device will be taken back to how it was before you installed it.

Common FtiOS App Installation Errors :

Overall, FtOS has not given most users any real trouble but there are a couple of installation errors that seem to be cropping up. They aren’t difficult to fix and you find all the details on the errors and their solutions by visiting this page.

Alternative to FtOS :

TweakBox :

tweakbox app

FtOS is one of many iOS app installers and another that may interest you is called TweakBox. Another comprehensive app installer, TweakBox has plenty of apps and games to download, all free and it doesn’t need Cydia either.

These installers really are becoming the go-to for our modified apps and games and FtOS is one of the top installers. It’s really easy to use and free so download it on your device, tell us what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more FtOS updates.

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