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These days we are not seeing anywhere near so many updates to Cydia that we used to and those that we do get seem to only be compatible with the newer iOS devices. That leaves millions of users no longer able to download any of their favorite modified apps and games and it is for this reason that FtOS app installer was released. FtOS is full of apps and games, some modified, and lots that you cant get from anywhere else. Find out more about FtOS by clicking the link and read on to see how to install it on iOS 10.

ftos ios 10

FtOS on iOS 10 :

iOS 10 marked the start of Apple making it more difficult to update Cydia for all devices. Some of the more important security features they have added in include:

  • iOS Encryption – using secure passcodes, biometrics, the auto-lock feature and the Erase All Data feature for so many incorrect login attempts all combine to give you a secure environment.
  • Find my iPhone –or iPad, depending on what device you have, this feature uses your GPS and your Apple ID to help you track a lost or stolen device and manage the data on it remotely.
  • 2-Factor Authentication– helps provide an extra security layer for your Apple ID
  • Lock Screen Data Leaks – limit what shows up on your lock screen and disable Raise to Wake
  • Location Information – decide which apps you want to have access to your location information and what information they can get
  • Ad Tracking – Enable the Limit Ad Tracking feature to stop third-parties tracking you and use Incognito Mode for browsing the net
  • Messages – either delete them manually on a regular basis or set then so they delete themselves after a minimum period.

So, how does FtOS work on iOS 10? Because it doesn’t need root access to the iOS firmware so it isn’t breaking any of the security rules that Apple imposes. It also does not affect your iOS warranty and, because it doesn’t break the rules, it works like any other app and is perfectly safe.

How to Install FtOS on iOS 10 :

To install FtOS on your iOS 10 device, you must first download the configuration profile directly to your iPhone or iPad; here’s how to do it:

  1. Open this ( link ) in Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad ftos_profile1
  2. An FtOS page opens; tap the Install Directly link so that the configuration profile can be installed
  3. Settings should now open automatically to the Profiles section , tap Install Profileand type your passcode. Safari browser will reopen
  4. Tap to Install FtOS; a message will popup asking you to confirm, tap Install
  5. Settings now opens again , tap Install > Next > Done on each page respectively  ftos_profile
  6. When FtOS has finished installing, you should see the icon on your home screen  ftos_app_home

Tap this to open and enjoy the benefits of FtOS; if the icon isn’t there, you didn’t install FtOS so do the steps again.

Popular Apps on FtOS Store :

There are loads of apps and games to choose from and modified apps seem to be the most popular, especially social media apps like WhatsApp++.

  • Snapchat++

snapchat plus

Snapchat++ is a modified app that brings us the stock social media app features plus a few extra.  You can hide your statuses, access SnapChat using Touch ID, make use of several file-sending options and much more. Find out all the details about Snapchat++ by clicking the link.

How to Delete FtOS App :

Deleting FtOS from your device is even easier than installing it. Your device will be returned to how it was before you installed FtOS in less than a minute. There are a few ways to delete FtOS and you will find all the details linked below:

Common Installation Errors :

Most users never experience any errors or other issues with FtOS but others will experience errors when they try to install FtOS. These are quite common and you can find out what they are and how easily they can be solved by visiting this page.

Alternative to FtOS :

Emu4iOS :


One alternative to FtOS, if you are looking for something different, is another installer called Emu4iOS. As well as loads of apps, games and other content, Emu4iOS also has several games emulators so you can play some console games on your iPhone or iPad.

With the lack of updates to Cydia now, installers like FtOS are fast becoming very popular. Being free to install and use, you only have a little time in trying it out to lose so see how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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